The hair removal industry catered mainly to women for a long period of time. But times have changed, and men too have become inclined towards hair removal services for men. These services help them to stay groomed and fab at all time. The hair removal services for men remove hair from hard-to-reach areas and prevent ingrown hairs.
Another reason why men make use of these services is because - women nowadays prefer a bare-chested and well-groomed man. From salons to laser hair removal centres, there are plenty of hair removal services for men today. The most common areas in the body where you can get a hair removal service are.
The nape – Men walk into salons every six weeks to remove the hair from the nape. This is one area of the body which you cannot groom on your own. The hair on this region tends to grow quickly, so a frequent visit to the salon becomes necessary. If you are too lazy for regular sessions, you can consider a permanent hair removal with laser.


Unibrows don’t look good on anyone. There is hardly anyone who is good enough to pull off a unibrow. Threading, waxing and laser treatments are options available to removing unibrows.


Hairy ears are a big turn off! Older men are often seen sporting this look, and it doesn’t make them cute. But younger men too, have hairs growing out of their ears, and this does not go well with the ladies.

Under the Chin

Shaving under the chin leads to irritation especially if you have thick facial hair. Shaving causes an improper re-growth and leads to blemishes due to ingrown hair. A laser hair removal will help you to enhance the look and prevent irritations.


Lots of men have random patches of hair on their upper back and shoulders. And this worsens with age. Waxing and laser help to remove these hairs effectively. Removing hair from this area has dual benefits – it leaves you with a flawless and smooth back and decreases sweats and blemishes.


Both men and women have small patches of dark hairs growing on their noses. And with age, this hair becomes very thick and unruly and causes the nose to look unattractive. There are options like plucking which you can do at home, but this causes the hair to grow back thicker. You can get a laser treatment done to ensure permanent removal of hair from your nose.

There are plenty of hair removal services for men – threading, waxing, plucking and laser treatment. Threading and waxing are a bit painful, and you will need to go for frequent hair removal sessions to maintain the hair-free look. Among all the hair removal services for men, laser treatment is the best option since it comparatively takes very less time and the hair is removed permanently. However, it is a far more expensive option. Before you go in for any hair removal treatment, consider your budget and convenience and find the best hair removal centres before you go in for a removal service.

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