This is possible through BB Soft Touch Technique which fills the lips with a gentle yet appealing color and adds to the beauty of your face. The lip is colored in a manner which suits the skin tone of the person under consideration. Also, the age of the person, her profession and her personality- all these are determining factors for choosing the color of the lip that is to be used.

The concept not only helps you to get the lip color that you want but also to hide certain imperfections that may be present on your lip. It is done in such a way that it never associates the feeling of a loud make-up but gives a subtle and soft tinge to the lips. It helps you to make your lips all the more beautiful and appealing in a natural and sober way. So, your own attributes will remain intact, it will just be presented in a polished way.

The best part about semi-permanent rosy lips is that it doesn’t get rubbed or smudged, no matter what you do and what your daily schedules are. It is thus a better option than using lip-liners and lipsticks. These everyday make-ups will surely give a voluptuous look to your lips but will soon vanish, once you eat something or go for some passionate activities (wink, wink)! And you will be left with those pale and thin lips which make you look older than you actually are. The treatment is thus a much better solution for you!

Now, in case you are wondering what ‘semi-permanent’ means, this is nothing but a solution which lasts for a considerable amount of time....but the process needs to be repeated after that time period.... It is just like getting your hair straightened through a chemical job, which I am sure all of you are familiar with. Straightening using chemicals is not a temporary solution like straightening it using heat (styler) before a party (where the hair will come back to the original texture just as you go under the shower on the very next morning). Straightening using chemicals will make your hair semi-permanently straight and it will remain in the same form for a year or so. Within this time period, there is no question of your hair getting spoilt no matter how many times you wash it. Similarly, the semi-permanent makes ups will also stay for a period of 12- 18 months (the degree of fading varies from person to person) and will then require you to go for a touch-up.

For those who are looking forward to re-install the tenderness of teenage into their lips, this rosy lip treatment is something which they should never miss out on!

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