From pink lips to blue eyes- there are a lot of things that a woman carves for in order to fulfil her over-whelming desire of becoming a fairy-tale princess! And among them is a pair of thick, beautifully shaped eyebrows.

Just as the color of the eye-balls and size of the eye-lashes play vital roles in determining how beautiful a woman is, the contribution of the eye-brow cannot be underestimated, either. And this cannot always be achieved by mere threading or arching of eyebrows at the beauty parlor. Some of us feel like having denser eyebrows than what we have or having a better shape of the eyebrows. And with the advancement of science and technology, this is no more impossible!

There is this new trend of eyebrow embroidery which makes it possible for you to get just the kind of eyebrows that you had always craved for! Here a pigment is inserted into the surface of your skin using a fine blade and it helps in mimicking the growth of the hair which already exists over there. The result is a pair of thick and bold eyebrows which look natural and merge easily with the structure of your face. This is a semi-permanent solution which after being done will not be distinguishable as something artificial. Eyebrow embroidery is thus the most effective method that can be used for the betterment of one’s eyebrows and is the most advantageous process as compared to the others of its types. It is much better than eyebrow tattoos since no ink or gum is involved. There is no question of bleeding or pain. It is done by professionals manually and will hardly take any time! This technique is meant for people who have naturally thin and faint eyebrows which ruin their beauty and often turn them into the subject of jokes in their friends’ circle. They gradually begin to feel insecure and develop an inferiority complex. The scenario is something similar to people with a crooked nose who feel the need for getting a cosmetic surgery done, or flat-chested girls who go for boob jobs to make themselves look curvy.

You might argue that the problem can be solved by using eyebrow pencils just as wearing padded bras can help a girl with smaller breasts. But these solutions are temporary. Every morning you wake up to paint your eyebrows and once you wash your face....it is all gone! This may put you in more embarrassing situations....So, an eyebrow embroidery is the best thing to be done for your case since it will give you a semi-permanent solution and will not require you to go for a touch-up every time. Once it is done, you are ready to win the admiration of everyone around you...every time and everywhere!

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